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2D Background Design For Games
Maureen Lukito & Nick Sweetman

Split into two sections first you get familiar with the vector tools and thumbnail process. Then we jump into a mini project called the Golden Antelope inspired by Indonesian folklore. You’ll see the whole process take shape from thumbnails to finished image.

*Assignments are included during the course to aid you learning. Feedback is available directly from the instructor who has a track record that spans over twenty commercial game releases.

What is also included in the course?

Full HD Stylized Background made by a Rovio game artist free to use for your game projects
2D Unity game template to test your assets
Links to learning games, articles, tips, tricks & more!
As this course is aimed at those with a basic understanding of Photoshop it moves fast giving you the key concepts so that you can apply the techniques to your own game productions.

Part 1: Nick Sweetman

Guiding you through the basic vector tools and thumbnail process I get you up to speed before you start going through the mini game project. We cover tips and tricks to speed up workflow and look at the main vector techniques with the pen tool.

Part 2: Graphics: Maureen Lukito – Narration: Nick Sweetman

Rovio game artist Maureen Lukito shows the workflow she uses to create a professional 2d game background. We go from scheduling to blocking out the assets and implementing them into the game engine Unity. The template scene gives you the essential elements you need to test your environment: A jumping character, animated parallax layers with basic functionality for you to move through the level. The template is coded by game programmer Yrjö Peussa and is specifically designed for testing and is not a complete game, if you know coding feel free to build on top!
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A trailer for my other course Game Art Foundation is below.

Here is a video that breaks down a students game shot and describes quick ways of making improvements.

This video shows a small section of techniques I use for designing a shield for a pixel character.

This video is taken from my new course 2D Animation for Games. We go through the basic principles of animation. Starting with a walk cycle.